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Benefits of Sanitizing Surfaces with UV Light

Surgical areas, rooms for quarantined animals, intake rooms, and grooming tables are some of the most susceptible areas for contamination.

The usual method of cleaning and wiping down surfaces and tools with disinfectants is an important first step for disinfecting surfaces, but even with the best products and most diligent efforts, it’s easy to miss areas. Microscopic microbes may still linger in sections of your tables, grooming and surgical tools, floors, countertops, and any other surface that needs regular cleaning. In short, some harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses may be left behind to infect your next client.

UV Surface Disinfection Systems

Aerapy Animal Health’s UV Surface Disinfection Systems

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How to Optimize Surface Cleaning

In combination with normal cleaning procedures, Aerapy Animal Health’s UV surface disinfection systems are the best solution for optimal surface disinfection. The units use innovative UV-C light technology to help sanitize and kill viruses, bacteria, germs, and diseases lingering on the surfaces. Mirrored aluminum reflectors enhance the strength of the powerful UV-C light technology throughout your entire area.