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Upper Air UV System  |  Zone360 & Zone360X

Upper Air UV Disinfection System Zone360

Zone360 – Patent No. US 10,753,626 B2

Zone360 & Zone360X Specifications

ApplicationUpper Air UV System
PowerAC 120V
WiringDirect wired, plug in
SwitchOn/off standard
(can be wired to wall switch for easy on/off)
Size23-3/4" W  x  23-3/4" L  x  5" D
Weight27 lb
SafetyLouvers to collimate UV-C rays away from room below
Warranty5-year for unit, 1-year for UV-C lamp
Lamp Hours9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
Replacement LampTo reorder, call us at (866) 994-2473
APPLICATION: Upper Air UV System
WIRING: Direct wired, plug in
SWITCH: On/off standard
(can be wired to wall switch for easy on/off)
SIZE: 23-3/4" W  x  23-3/4" L  x  5" D
WEIGHT: 27 lb
Louvers to collimate UV-C rays away
from room below
5-year for unit, 1-year for UV-C lamp
9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
To reorder, call us at (866) 994-2473

Zone360 & Zone360X Description

For rooms 500–1000 sq. ft. with minimum ceiling height of 8 ft. Available as Zone360 (100cfm fan) or Zone360X (includes remote control and three fan speeds: 100cfm, 200cfm, 530cfm). Can be ceiling mounted or suspended by a cable/chain. The patented Zone360 is suitable for indoor environments, including spaces with no HVAC in place, that need immediate airflow, circulation, and disinfection in high risk areas (e.g., surgery rooms, isolation rooms, reception areas, doggie daycare rooms).

The unit’s 360 degrees of short-wavelength UV-C light kills or inactivates pathogens in the air by disrupting their DNA and destroying their cellular function, causing the death of the microorganism and/or rendering it helpless. Constant exposure of UV-C germicidal energy with moderate air circulation will help to effectively sanitize pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and molds in the air stream. Zone360 was used in an animal shelter field study where it helped achieve an 87.1% URI reduction. Learn more about that study and more on our Research & Studies page.

This upper air UV equipment also helps reduce pathogens that settle out of the air and onto surfaces. For example, if a larger pathogen aerosolizes for 20 seconds to 5 minutes and then falls out of the air, it contributes to surface disease transmission. The Zone360 can help reduce both the air pathogen load and, in combination with normal surface cleaning procedures, help further reduce the surface pathogen load.

To ensure the correct amount of germicidal UV-C light to help maximize the pathogen kill rate for your particular space, we use our proprietary sizing method. Working with you prior to shipping the Zone360, we calculate based on size of your space (from 500–1000 sq. ft.) and additional factors such as air flow, air circulation, and type of environment. Not to be used in rooms with reflective (e.g., metal) walls.

  • Constructed of stainless steel and non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Exceeds CDC guidelines.
  • Made in the USA.

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