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UV Surface Disinfection System  |  PSD-N14

UV Surface Disinfection System PSD-N14

PSD-N14 Specifications

ApplicationUV Surface Disinfection System
PowerAC 120V, 277V compatible
WiringPlug in
SwitchOn/off standard
Size10″ W  x  10″ L  x  15″ D
SafetyMotion sensors
Warranty5-year for unit, 1-year for UV-C lamp
Lamp Hours9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
Replacement LampTo reorder, call us at (866) 994-2473
UV Surface Disinfection System
POWER: AC 120V, 277V compatible
WIRING: Plug in
SWITCH: On/off standard
SIZE: 10″ W  x  10″ L  x  15″ D
SAFETY: Motion sensors
OZONE:  None
5-year for unit, 1-year for UV-C lamp
9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
To reorder, call us at (866) 994-2473

PSD-N14 Description

Designed to be small but mighty, this lightweight but sturdy plug-in UV equipment offers 360 degrees of germicidal irradiation. The PSD-N14 is great for helping sanitize small spaces, while unoccupied, such as surgical areas, intake and quarantine rooms, grooming tables, surgical and grooming tools, and more.

Note: The PSD-N14 is the smaller unit in our PSD series, the PSD-N22 is designed for larger spaces. Aerapy Animal Health will help you decide which unit is right for your needs.

The PSD-N14 is easy to move, allowing exposed surfaces to be disinfected with powerful UV light, after normal cleaning procedures. Simply set the timer on the unit and, within minutes, the germicidal UV-C lamps will help sanitize and ready the area for your next client.

As the space must be unoccupied when the PSD-N14 is operating, the unit’s design features an integrated timer plus two motion sensors that will shut down the process if anyone enters the area.

  • Constructed of stainless steel and non-corrosive aluminum.
  • Made in the USA.

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