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Portable Air Purifier with UV  |  Pet-Aire (Sold Out)

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Pet-Aire Specifications

ApplicationPortable Air Purifier with UV
PowerAC 120V
WiringPlug in
SwitchOn/off standard
Size9.3" W  x  17.8" L  x  23" H
Weight25 lb
SafetyOn/off switch for ionizer function
OzoneNone when ionizer function is not on
(see note below for details)
Warranty1-year for unit and UV-C lamps
Lamp Hours9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
Replacement LampClick here for replacement lamps
APPLICATION: Portable Air Purifier with UV
WIRING: Plug in
SWITCH: On/off standard
SIZE: 9.3" W  x  17.8" L  x  23" H
WEIGHT: 25 lb
SAFETY: On/off switch for ionizer function
None when ionizer function is not on
(see note below for details)
1-year for unit and UV-C lamps
9,000 (1 year for 24/7 operation)
Click here for replacement lamps

$349.99 (SOLD OUT)

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Pet-Aire Description

Covers approximately 500 sq. ft. and is perfect for pet parents and pet fosters (non-commercial indoor environments). Pet-Aire is our portable air purifier that combines the science of UV-C light and advanced filter technologies in an easily movable system to help keep your home, small office, or other non-professional animal care areas fresh and sanitized.

Pet-Aire provides three speeds of airflow (235 cfm, 265 cfm, 295 cfm) for comfort, low noise level (25 db, 33 db, 42 db), and a five-part filtration system. The unit features both manual and automated mode and timer options. Includes an integrated LED indicator for ULPA media filter and UV-C lamp replacement, as well for the plasma filter to be cleaned (does not need to be replaced).

Note: Pet-Aire also comes with a convenient off/on ions function that generates more than 8 million negative ions per second. If the ionizer button on the unit is switched “on” the unit will produce low levels of ozone at 0.050ppm. We recommend not engaging this function in occupied spaces. If you do want to use the function, it should only be done when animals and humans are not present.

This product is not available for purchase or delivery in California.