Pet Atopy, Pet Allergies & Dermatitis

Pet atopic dermatitis (pet atopy or pet allergies) is a disease in pets generally caused by an allergic reaction to environmental or airborne allergens such as, but not limited to, pollens, mold spores, and dust mites feces.

While we, as humans, usually develop itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose and other symptoms, our pets have much different symptoms that show up through their skin, making them miserable. These can lead to recurrent skin and ear infections along with other complications.

In fact, the severe itching and other complications caused by pet atopic dermatitis is one of the top claims submitted by nationwide pet insurance policyholders year after year.

PetAirapy's unique systems can help your pet start to be free from the symptoms of Pet Atopic Dermatitis or Pet Atopy (photo courtesy of WebMD)

Pets’ symptoms are so much more aggressive than our own
Symptoms of Pet Atopic Dermatitis or Pet Atopy

If you have a dog or cat that has developed seasonal allergies, you may notice that each year—usually spring or fall—their symptoms last longer and are more severe. Even though pet atopy can develop as early as six months old or sooner, as your pet ages they become more sensitive to airborne allergens.

• Excessive scratching and itching of the eyes, mouth, ears and paws
• Inflamed skin that is hot to the touch (lesions)
• Recurrent ear infections
• Hair loss
• Scaly or greasy skin with flaking that resembles dandruff
• A strong, unpleasant skin odor

An allergy to pollen can soon trigger allergic reactions to other environmental things such as dust, dander, dust mites and other airborne allergens. This is because seasonal allergies in pets usually trigger hypersensitivity. You then have to take them to the vet for more treatments and the symptoms become more difficult to treat and before you know it, your pet is suffering year round because of new allergic reactions.

You are spending hundreds of dollars at the vet each year to simply treat the symptoms.

Natural pet allergy relief for your pets is as simple as installing a PetAirapy system in your home or investing in the PetAirapy portable unit for your apartment, condo or office.

These units can easily clear up and help pet atopic dermatitis without the topical treatments and medications that can have harmful, long term effects.

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