Beyond Vaccines: Preventing Respiratory Infectious Disease in Animal Care Facilities

Pet Care Business Education Week

PetAirapy founder, Annette Uda, will be part of the upcoming International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) Pet Care Business Education Week happening January 22 -2 26, 2018. On Thursday, January 25, Annette presents “Beyond Vaccines: Preventing Respiratory Infectious Disease in Animal Care Facilities”.  Dog flu, canine cough, and other infectious diseases can shut down a facility for weeks – and potentially impact your business indefinitely. Even if you have vaccine protocols in place, preventing respiratory infectious disease must be a multi-pronged strategy to protect the health of your pet clients and the financial health of your business. In this session, Annette goes beyond vaccines to discuss other strategies including how to keep the surfaces and the air in your facility sanitized.

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Strep Zoo in Animal Care Facilities: What It Is and How to Prevent It

A sick dog ill with Strep Zoo

It doesn’t always make the splashy headlines like dog flu or canine cough, but Streptococcus zooepidemicus, or “strep zoo” as it’s more commonly known, is deadly serious for dogs and businesses. Earlier this month, a humane society in Kentucky announced it would be closing to “clean and quarantine” for two weeks after a dog at the facility tested positive for strep zoo. To date, a reported three dogs have died at the shelter due to strep zoo. The 14-day closure meant the organization could not receive or adopt out animals at the facility during the quarantine, and a temporary shelter had to be put in place and made operational within 48 hours.

So, what exactly is strep zoo and how could it cause such a disruption?

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