Zoonotic UV Analysis

ZUVA - Zoonotic UV Analysis

PetAirapy’s proprietary ZUVA (Zoonotic UV Analysis) software is the most advanced tool to-date for evaluating environments employing UV air and surface disinfection technologies.

The zoonotic pathogens of most concern to any facility – whether an animal shelter, veterinary hospital, boarding facility or chicken farm – are scrutinized to determine their kill rates and the subsequent reduction in airborne transmission that are possible when a disinfection system is installed in an existing animal facility.

The Reduction of Risk of further disease transmissions is quantified by a Zonal Protection Factor (ZPF) for each building or zone within a building.

The chief advantage of ZUVA is in its ability to aid the design of disinfection systems to ensure the most perfect solution possible for effectively controlling disease outbreaks, and the economic optimization features allow the lowest cost components to be selected for the installation that produces the highest possible kill rates.

The ability to focus on a single microorganism gives each owner of an animal facility confidence in knowing that future disease outbreaks will be suppressed and that associated annual losses will be at an end.

ZUVA software allows our clients to see a visual graphic report surface and air irradiation time and percentage as well as calculating energy savings and ROI for cooling coils.

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